Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry...Tree?

We have a huge Mulberry tree in our back yard.
Actually we have two of them.
There's a smaller one near the herb garden.
I'd never seen a mulberry tree before.
I'd only ever sung the children's song about a
mulberry bush...or driven on roads named "Mulberry".

We moved into our house last October
 and all of the leaves had fallen off of the tree and I actually thought the tree was dead.
My husband recognized the tree once it started to produce berries a few weeks ago. He kept picking them off and eating them, but I don't eat berries without knowing for sure what they are. So a quick Google search proved Caleb right (see? I'm admitting to that rightness publicly!).

The berries are so yummy and the branches are COVERED in them!
They should be entirely ripe by about  next week. I can't wait to collect them and freeze them and bake with them and make myself sick eating them...

Yesterday I mowed the back yard and then I walked out back with a bowl of plain yogurt sweetened with honey and I just picked a handful of berries and dumped them in my bowl.

Then I sat down with the latest Better Homes that came in the mail this week.

Life can have so many simple sweet moments if you just keep your eyes open for them.

What an unexpected blessing!


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