I have a confession.
I love magazines.
Anything with decorating or recipes is what I love most. 

I'm currently subscribed to:

Other favorites are:

Martha Stewart Living has always been my top favorite. I have pretty much every issue ever. I collected tons of back issues from the early - mid 90's at flea markets and yard sales. I have HUGE plastic containers for them in my basement. I also have tons of her books. I'm a Martha fan and proud to admit it :D

I got a sample issues of 2 different magazines lately. Sadly I can't afford to subscribe to any more magazines right now, but I thought I'd share these because I really enjoyed flipping through them.

It had so many yummy sounding recipes in it:
watermelon lime sorbet
Texas Caviar
Spiked Vanilla Mint Iced Tea
Hashbrown Casserole

Plus it's filled with all kinds of diy tablescapes.

The other magazine is:

The sample issue they sent me was filled with wonderful looking recipes (especially the desserts!).


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