First post and an explanation

Hey ya'll.
Blogging really isn't my thing, but I've had so many requests that I decided to start one.
I gave in.
I don't usually give in.
I'm a very stubborn person.

I chose to name the blog "One Day at a Time" because I was having a panic attack after my husband and I bought our semi-fixer house and I realized how much work there is to do. I don't like things to look unfinished. I want people to walk into a perfectly decorated house with beautiful things everywhere. 
So husband told me to take everything "one day at a time".
I'm trying to do that...

Today was just a mowing the lawn kinda day (am I the only person who listens to Abba while I mow?).
I didn't really get any projects done. It was too windy for me to spray paint.

Yesterday I spray painted a vintage kitchen stool that I bought at Liberty Flea Market down in NC.

Someone had done a reallllly bad paint job.

So almost an hour of taping later:

and this was the end result:

I forgot to clean the steps before I snapped these pics. Please ignore the dirt.
This will go perfectly in our kitchen which is filled with black and chrome accents.
It will take up very little space and be insanely useful. since we have cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.
I paid $20 for the stool and I used less than 1 can of gloss black spray paint.

Ps...I spray paint everything. Literally. Everything. 


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