I Love Houndstooth!

I love houndstooth fabric, but it doesn't always go with my usual taste in decorating.
Since my sun porch demands an eclectic antiquey nature vibe in the way it's decorated I thought this would be the perfect excuse to use houndstooth fabric. 
Joann's had some on sale for $7/yard. I only needed a very tiny amount for the footstool I was recovering, but I went ahead and got a yard so that I can make some throw pillows for the sofa on the porch.

I got this really strange-but-cool foot stool  a few months
 ago during that awful time of year known to many as winter.
 I personally call it torture...cold and I just don't get along.
So since I got it in winter I had to wait until Spring to spray paint it.

I paid $5 for it. The base is made out of metal and the top is wood. It had really icky old green
velvet fabric on it.
I spray painted it a bronze color I had left over from painting the ceiling fan.
I've never upholstered anything before (other than a dining room chair).
I'm sure there's a better way for me to have recovered this stool, but this worked fine for me.

After I painted it and let it dry for a few days I ironed my
fabric and laid it out on my cutting mat right side down.
I placed the footstool upside down on the fabric and I cut about 1" from the edge all the way around the circle. Then I took a fabric pen and I traced a circle all around the base of the stool.
This gave me a guide for where I should hem the fabric. I pinned it in place and then I used invisible
thread (I'm addicted to using this stuff!) to sew around the edge of the circle.
Then I flipped it over and trimmed off as much excess fabric as I could.

Next I cut out a few layers of batting to about 1" less in diameter than my fabric circle.
Then I used fabric tacks from Joann's to secure the fabric and batting in place.
After that I nailed in decorative black upholstery tacks to cover the nail heads.
I'm so pleased with how it came out!

Don't look too closely!

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  1. What a cute makeover. I've never seen a stool like that before - it looks very Regency-era to me.

    (I completely agree with you about winter. No cold for me, please!)

  2. I think you're right about it being Regency era. That's what caught my eye since I looove Regency style!

  3. I love houndstooth too! nice work! found you at thecsiproject.com


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