Vintage Bar Carts

                                                                       Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

Recently I've had my eyes peeled for a vintage bar cart to go in an a corner of our dining room where I'm not really sure what else to put there. And a Hollywood Regency style one, if you please.
Here are some really great vintage and reproduction bar carts I found on Pinterest.

                                                                                  Source: via L on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: via Jen on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: via Kristine on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Jillian on Pinterest

                                                                          Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest
                                                                   Source: via Alison on Pinterest

                                                               Source: via Shana on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: via Nikki on Pinterest


  1. Now you have ME wanting one! I have the perfect spot, too.

  2. I'm so excited because after I posted this one of my sisters in law said she had an old one she didn't want and I could have it. Probably I'll spray paint it gold :)


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