Homemade Vanilla Extract

Today I made vanilla extract for the first time.
It is so easy and inexpensive! 
The difficult part will be waiting the 3+ months before it is ready to be used.
I followed this recipe.

I was appalled at the cost of vanilla beans at the grocery store.
They wanted $10 for ONE bean.
So I got online and found the So Vanilla shop Etsy and I got 5 organically
 grown beads for $7.50 (+ free shipping).

 I bought this really pretty bottle at Goodwill last week for $1.
It looks tiny in the picture, but it actually quite large.

I bought a very inexpensive bottle of vodka (only about $7).
I also made sure that I bought vodka in a glass bottle
 so that I could reuse the bottle to hold a homemade liqueur or extract. 

  I followed the recipe, which couldn't have been easier.


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