I'll never find another you

This past Saturday Caleb and I attended the first annual BBQ, Bluegrass, & Beer festival at
Red Hill.   Red Hill is Patrick Henry's house in Brookneal, VA. It only took us about 40 minutes to get there;  I love how very close to all things history I am. Well...minus the fact that I live near Appomattox.

We had a beautiful fall day!
Neither of us had ever been to Red Hill. It was so beautiful! 

We both really enjoyed listening to all the different bluegrass bands.
Yes, even Caleb enjoyed bluegrass! That's a start :D

Our ticket price included two beers each or  two glasses of wine.
Caleb made a beeline for the beer truck. I chose wine, but it was not good wine at all.
Caleb drank a few different types of local beers from the Charlottesville area.

There were a few different food vendors and we ended up getting bbq bison from a local
family run farm. It was reallllly good!

We enjoyed some sweet potato fries while we listened to the music.

We had a really fun time and would probably go back next year.
We also got to tour Patrick Henry's house / museum and walk the grounds. 
I highly recommend yall check it out if you're ever in the area.

and just because...

I've been enjoying listening to lots of 1960's folk lately.
A lot.


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