We love kefir around here. I know there is a lot of debate on how to pronounce it...but I'm from the South and so saying it "Kee-fur" is what flows off the tongue nicely ;)

I bought my kefir grains from an Etsy seller back in March and we've been enjoy kefir smoothies ever since. Sometimes, I use it in baking too.  That seller is no longer offering the grains for sale, but here are a few listed on Amazon: here, here, and here. 

I honestly do not like the taste of it plain, but if I add in fruit and a little maple syrup...oh it makes the best smoothies! I always pack Caleb some in a mason jar in his lunches for work. 

I make homemade yogurt too, but one reason I love kefir so much is because it is SO easy!
I would also like to try water kefir sometime!

Today I'm going to *try* making Kombucha since a friend from church gave me a scoby yesterday :D
I find that all of these different probiotics that I get in my diet are SUCH  a blessing where my colitis is concerned. 


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